The Blues Project - Planned Obsolescence (1968)

The Blues Project were a rock band from New York City originally active in the mid-60s.

By the time the Planned Obsolescene was released, the Blues Project was no more... In fact, it wasn't actually the Blues Project who recorded this album!
The original band had gone their seperate ways, so drummer Roy Blumenfeld and bassist/flautist Andy Kulberg relocated to the West Coast and started a new group with lyricist Jim Roberts, guitarist/vocalist John Gregory, violinist Richard Greene and saxophonist/bassist Don Kretmar. Due to contractual problems their first album was released under the Blues Project name.
It took the stylistic fusion the Blues Project had originally begun on certain numbers on Projections, and moved it forward so that their blues roots were left far behind. The result could probably be called prog rock - a unique and intelligent blend of rock, jazz, folk, psychedelia and classical... A defining part of the sound was Greene's virtuoso fiddle playing, alongside the use of both flute and sax in the instrumental lineup. One unusual thing was their use of Roberts as a dedicated lyricist for the group, rather than as a performing memmber. With the exception of a cover of Rudy Clark's "If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody", all the songs on the album were band originals.
By the time they came to record their next album, the group was called Seatrain. The Blues Project name itself re-surfaced in 1971, when it was reformed by Blumenfeld and original member Danny Kalb.

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