The Blues Project - Live At Town Hall (1967)

The Blues Project were a rock band from New York City originally active in the mid-60s.

Live At Town Hall was the last album from the classic lineup of the Blues Project - Danny Kalb (lead guitar/vocals), Steve Katz (guitar/harmonica/vocals), Al Kooper (keyboards/vocals), Andy Kulberg (bass/flute) and Roy Blumenfeld (drums). Despite the name, it is not actually a live album, but rather a mix of live and studio songs, including three numbers from their second album. It was during the making of this album that the band began to fall apart - Kooper left the during the recording. Soon after its release the band had pretty much drifted apart. Kooper and Katz went on to form Blood, Sweat & Tears, whilst Kulberg and Blumenfeld formed Seatrain (though the first Seatrain album, Planned Obsolescence, was actually released under the Blues Project name due to contractual obligations).
Nevertheless they did manage to put together a fine record before disintegrating. Of particular note is the live version of "Flute Thing", which features lots of solos and Kulberg's electric flute. Also included is Kooper's "No Time Like The Right Time", the closest thing they got to a hit single (it got to #73).

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