The Blues Project - Lazarus (1971)

The Blues Project were a rock band from New York City originally active in the mid-60s.

The Blues Project originally broke up in 1967. Or rather they metamorphosed… Remaining members Roy Blumenfeld (drums) and Andy Kullberg (bass) got together with new musicians and became Seatrain. Blumenfeld only stayed with Seatrain for one album, and by 1971 had met up again with original Blues Project guitarist Danny Kalb. The two of them reformed the band, sort of… Joining them on bass and sax was Don Kretmar, who had come with Blumenfeld from Seatrain. This trio (presumably with the help of friends and session guys) recorded one album under the Blues Project name. It didn’t sound much like the original Blues Project albums of the mid 60s, and was mostly driven by Kalb, who was never a particularly distinctive singer. Indeed it sounded more like a Danny Kalb solo album than anything else, and it’s probably fair to say it’s the least interesting record to be put out under the Blues Project name.

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