The Dillards - Back Porch Bluegrass (1963)

The Dillards were an American bluegrass group who in the mid-60s moved away from traditional music, becoming pioneers in the country-rock and 'progressive bluegrass' genres.

This is their debut album, from the beginning of their career when they were a pretty much straight-up traditional bluegrass group. At this time they became well-known to TV audiences through playing the fictional bluegrass family group The Darlings on The Andy Griffith Show.
Back Porch Bluegrass consists of a selection of both traditionals and band originals, played with breakneck instrumental virtousity, and featuring the founding lineup of Rodney Dillard (lead vocals/guitar), Doug Dillard (banjo), Dean Webb (mandolin) and Mitch Jayne (bass).

|> Live... Almost!!! (1964)
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