Seatrain - Sea Train (1969)

Seatrain were an American rock band active from 1969 to 1973.

The original lineup of Seatrain was John Gregory (lead vocals/guitar), Richard Greene (fiddle), Andy Kulberg (bass/flute), Don Kretmar (sax/bass), Roy Blumenfeld (drums/percussion) and Jim Roberts (lyrics). Though Sea Train is seen as their debut, they had actually already released one album by 1969 - Planned Obsolescence had been put out under the Blues Project name. Kulberg and Blumenfeld had been members of the Blues Project, and after all the other members left they had formed their new group, but contractual complications restricted them from using the Seatrain name until their second album together.
Anyway, Sea Train was a continuation of the interesting fusion of genres of Planned Obsolescence, but arguably a more successful mix, with more focus and stronger songs - a progressive blend of rock, classical, jazz and folk. The combination of fiddle, flute and sax was hardly typical rock instrumentation, and Roberts' lyrics fused with the sophisticated, intelligent musical structures to make for a really unique sound Seatrain could call their own.
Perhaps it was best that Planned Obsolescene wasn't released as Seatrain, as it could be seen as them finding their feet first before they committed themselves with a superior product (the former could be considered a prologue to this, the real start of the group's career).
This incarnation of the band would not last though, as within months there would be flurry of line-up changes.

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There is a semi-released song Caroline, Caroline that was recorded from a lineup of the band between the first two albums that only ever made it onto a promotional album. Pretty cool song: