Pure Prairie League - Two Lane Highway (1975)

Pure Prairie League are an American country-rock band.

After the release of 1972's Bustin' Out, bassist Michael Reilly (who had appeared on the album) joined Pure Prairie League as a full-time member. However it was then that lead singer and guitarist Craig Fuller had to do six months for draft evasion, and on his release he was uninterested in rejoining the band, who were then dropped by their record label RCA. But they perservered, Reilly, guitarist George Powell and drummer Billy Hinds being joined by guitarist Larry Goshorn, keyboardist Michael Connor (who had also played on Bustin' Out) and pedal steel guitarist John David Call (who had been a member before, and had been on their debut album). They continued to play live with a heavy touring schedule, and slowly built up a strong following. Then in 1974 their song "Amie" (written by Fuller) became a belated radio hit, and they were re-signed by RCA.
Their third album, Two Lane Highway, came out in 1975, with the lineup of Powell, Reilly, Connor, Call, Goshorn and Hinds. By this point their sound had changed somewhat, with a more commercial country-rock style. The album featured strong originals (mostly written by Goshorn) alongside covers of "Kansas City Southern" (by Gene Clark) and "I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle" (by Nick Gravenites, from his time with Big Brother & The Holding Company), and there were guest appearance from Emmylou Harris, Don Felder and Chet Atkins. The vocals were shared between Powell, Reilly, Goshorn and Call.
It became their most successful album yet, getting to #24 on the charts.

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Anonymous said...

Certainly one of the greatest country rock albums ever made. In fact PPL had several of the best country rock ever made:their first two , TLH, and their live LP Takin' The Stage. Firin' Up with Vince Gill was also noteworthy a very good LP.

PPL beat the Eagles out in terms of country rock for my money, very talented, no one did it better and did it consistentl well as long as PPL did !