Pure Prairie League - Bustin' Out (1972)

Pure Prairie League are an American country-rock band.

After a strong debut album, Pure Prairie League underwent some changes when John David Call, Jim Lanham and Jim Caughlan all left the band. At the same time frontman Craig Fuller was facing charges for draft evasion. However their persevered and recorded a second album, guitarists Fuller and George Powell being joined by drummer Billy Hinds. They were also helped out by lots of session musicians, including pedal steel guitarist Al Clark and keyboardist Michael Connor. There were also string arrangements on several songs, arranged by Mick Ronson.
Bustin' Out was released just five months after its predecessor, and considering the band's situation at the time, it really is a fantastic album. However shortly after its release Fuller had to face trial, and was sentenced to six months. At the same time the band was dropped by RCA. The future did not look bright. When Fuller was released, the band reformed with John David Call and new members, but Fuller declined to rejoin. They began to tour heavily, and then surprisingly one of the songs from Bustin' Out, "Amie", became a big radio hit. The album was re-released, and "Amie" eventually made it to #27. Thing were finally looking up for the band, but it was almost an entirely new lineup that came to record their next album, and the Craig Fuller era of Pure Prairie League was over.

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