Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Live 1965

Originally released in 1976 as part of The Essential Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Ramblin' Jack Elliott is an American folk singer, originally an important part of the American folk revival.

In 1976 Vaguard Records released a 2-LP compilation called The Essential Ramblin' Jack Elliott. The thing is, he had only ever released one album on Vanguard - 1964's Jack Elliott. So the 'essential' collection was actually just that album with a second disc of live material.
However, the live disc is very good indeed, and so I have put it here as an album by itself. It was recorded in New York City in 1965, at a time when the new younger breed of folk singers (Bob Dylan et al) had taken over, and led the genre into fusions with pop and rock music. But members of the old guard such as Ramblin' Jack were still respected and reverred, as the captivated audience at this concert make clear. Songs include Jesse Fuller's "San Francisco Bay Blues", Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right", Woody Guthrie's "Ramblin' Round Your City" and Will Fyffe's "I Belong To Glasgow" (complete with convincing Scottish accent).
It is often said that the best of Jack Elliott can only be heard in his live performances, and this collection goes a good way in proving that.

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