Pure Prairie League - Pure Prairie League (1972)

Pure Prairie League are an American country-rock band.

The band went through several members before they settled on the lineup of their debut album - Craig Fuller (lead guitar/vocals), George Powell (rhythm guitar/vocals), John David Call (steel guitar), Jim Lanham (bass) and Jim Caughlan (drums). Their self-titled album consisted of some laid-back country-rock, with strong songwriting throughout (most of the songs written by Craig Fuller), good vocal harmonies, and some exciting instrumental interplay between Fuller and Call (best demonstrated on the 7-minute "Country Song").

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Anonymous said...

A great album, great band !!

Craig Fuller and John Call are still together playing with PPL along with longtime bassist Mike Reilly! I saw several shows already and they are as good as everm which is to say the best country rock ever made !Craig has a solo due hopefully by years end.

Anonymous said...

PPL had numerous Lp's that were top flight, this was certainly among them. Two Lane Highway, The Debut LP, Bustin' Out, Live ! Takin The Stage, and Firin' Up were all great.The best country rock ever made was by these guys, and they did it for years on end.Great concerts too.

Anonymous said...

This is still my favorite Pure Prairie League album. "You're Between Me" is a killer song. Thank you very much!