Canned Heat - Boogie With Canned Heat (1968)

Canned Heat is an American blues band originally formed in the 60s.

Whilst their first album consisted entirely of covers, Boogie With Canned Heat differed in that it was made up of almost all original songs. It had the same blues/boogie sound as its predecessor, but was arguably a stronger and more interesting record. By this time original drummer Frank Cook had been replaced by Fito De La Parra. Contains the song "My Crime", about the band's arrest in Denver, Colorado, "Amphetamine Annie", which received considerable airplay, and the 10-minute jam "Fried Hockey Boogie". But the most important song on the album is "On The Road Again", an adaptation of an old Floyd Jones song sung by Alan Wilson. The song fused their familiar guitar boogie with a Tambura drone to give it a hypnotic, psychedelic sound. It proved to be an international hit, and gave Canned Heat massive new fame and recognition.
The album also features piano and horn arrangements from Dr John.

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DrJR said...

Yep, this was a masterpiece. Absolute. Not just white kids covering the classics, but much more.