Buddy Miles Express - Electric Church (1969)

Buddy Miles was an American rock and funk drummer and vocalist, best known for his work with The Electric Flag and Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsies.

His second album released as the Buddy Miles Express was a continuation of the sound he had forged with Expressway To Your Skull - a psychedelic blend of heavy rock, funk, soul and blues. Like its predecessor, Electric Church was partly produced by Jimi Hendrix, and again it bridged the gap between the late 60s psychedelic rock scene and Miles' R&B roots, though Electric Church perhaps had a looser, more jam-orientated vibe than the first album. This was still before Miles joined Hendrix's Band Of Gypsies. Contains a great version of "Texas", which he co-wrote with Mike Bloomfield, and had originally appeared on The Electric Flag's debut album.

Expressway To Your Skull (1968) <|> Them Changes (1970)
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