Canned Heat - Living The Blues (1969)

Canned Heat is an American blues-rock band originally formed in the 60s.

Following their success with "On The Road Again", Canned Heat's next record was a double album, which mostly followed their by-now familiar blues/boogie formula. However it is notable for containing the song "Goin' Up The Country", sung by Alan Wilson and with flute by Jim Horn. A re-writing of Henry Thomas' "Bull-doze Blues", with its 'back-to-nature' hippie message it became massively popular. It got to #11 in the US, and made it to #1 in 25 other countries. It also became the unofficial anthem of the Woodstock festival, which Canned Heat played at, due to its use in Michael Wadleigh's film of the event.
Elsewhere on the album, Dr John contributed piano and horn arrangements, as he had done on its predecessor. The 20-minute "Parthenogenesis" was a psychedelic collage of sounds, but even that was dwarfed by the live recording "Refried Boogie", which at over 40 minutes long took up an entire two sides of vinyl.

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