Canned Heat - Canned Heat (1967)

Canned Heat is an American blues band originally formed in the 60s.

The original lineup of Canned Heat on their first self-titled album was Bob Hite (vocals), Alan Wilson (slide guitar, harmonica, vocals), Henry Vestine (lead guitar), Larry Taylor (bass) and Frank Cook (drums). Coming from L.A., they stood out from other west-coast American bands in the era who were indulging in folk-rock and psychedelia. Canned Heat played pure no-frills blues music, and it's nowhere more apparent than on their debut album, which consisted of eleven blues covers. Nevertheless they were still popular as part of the hippie counter-culture, having played a well-received set at the Monterey Pop Festival, and then getting jailed in Denver, Colorado for drugs-related charges. They had to sell their publishing rights in order to pay their $10,000 bail.

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goinsidemyhead said...

this was the first record I ever bought and I still have it. I had no idea who they were or what kind of music was on the record but they at least looked like hippies and outsiders plus every other record in the store looked like Mantovani wanna bees. What a great record it turned out to be. Most teens from that era came to discover blues from the British invasion guitar gods but this was my corner stone. Henry Vestine's guitar playing on The Story of My Life is burned forever in my brain it was and still is mind blowing y'all!!!
Thanks for this mind blowing site!