JJ Cale - Okie (1974)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Two years after Really, JJ Cale released his third album, Okie. Again produced by his friend Audie Ashworth, and featuring various session musicians including bassist Tim Drummond, drummer Karl Himmel, guitarist Reggie Young and pianist Pig Robbins, it was recorded mostly in Nashville, though the liner notes give the location for a few of the songs as 'Cale's House, Tulsa, Oklahoma'. It's always hard to describe the differences between Cale's albums as his music has pretty much stayed the same throughout his career, but it's worth noting that Okie featured darker tones and more understated grooves than its predecessors. Whilst Really had a very 'pure' live sound, Okie seems to be very much a product of studio technology, with which Cale manged to make his style even more distinct. This is particularly evident on the songs recorded at his house, where his double-tracked whispering vocals and sparse arrangements define what is now considered the 'JJ Cale sound'.

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alejandro40 said...

Okie is my favourite JJ Cale LP. It's perfect from start to finish and sounds great. It's an LP that always ends too soon as 12 songs slip by in less than 29 minutes! I have it over 20 years and it's the one I always put on if I want some JJ! I Have all his albums and even though I like them all the Mercury LP's are my favourite because of the warm analogue sound. If I could be present at, or peep in the window of any album recording session, it would be Okie even though I was only 5 when it was made!! I love the cover painting too. It's one of the coolest LP's and has one of the colest covers! Now that's what I call 'real' music!