P.F. Sloan - Songs Of Our Times (1965)

P.F. Sloan is an American singer-songwriter.

Phillip Sloan began his music career very young, releasing his first single aged just fourteen in 1959. It wasn't a hit, but he went on to become part of the L.A. music scene, getting work as a songwriter for music publisher Screen Gems. He formed a parnership with Steve Barri, and the two of them also worked as backing singers and musicians (Sloan playing guitar) through producer Lou Adler. They stuck with Adler when he started his own record company, Dunhill Records, both working as songwriters and releasing an album of surf instrumentals.
For his most successful composition, Sloan switched gears from sunny Californian pop to folky protest song, presumeably inspired by the massive success of Bob Dylan. "Eve Of Destruction" became a #1 hit when recorded by Barry McGuire, and Sloan followed it with his first solo album, now billed as P.F. Sloan. It was in the same folky style, mostly acoustic and with strong hints of the Dylan sound. Songs Of Our Times featured many fantastic songs which would be covered by other artists on Dunhill, and also scraped him into the Top 100 with the single "Sins Of The Family".

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Anonymous said...

Possibly one of the greatest songwriters of the 60's...some epic stuff on here including....''eve of destruction''....very nice to...thanks.

mastranto said...

Thansks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Awesome writer and singer. Am reading his just released biography "What's Exactly the Matter With Me". It's heartbreaking and uplifting. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Some quality tunes here

Thanks for the share



Bagorra said...

PF Sloan was the real deal. A one of a kind. His words still fit 50 years later. Check out this link of an `Eve of Destruction` cover. PF still inspires, even today...