JJ Cale - Really (1972)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Cale’s second album followed much the same formula as his first - laid-back blues-rock with hints of country and jazz. Indeed by now it was clear that he had his own unique sound that he was sticking to. There are some differences worth noting however. Whilst much of Naturally had a rough demo-like feel, Really was clearly recorded on a bigger budget, with a large roster of professional session musicians and a cleaner, more polished sound. Like Naturally, it was produced by his friend Audie Ashworth. Many of the names which appear on the liner notes (including Bill Boatman and drummer Jimmy Karstein) would continue to make appearances on Cale’s records throughout the years. Other big names featured were the Muscle Shoals Swampers rhythm section (drummer Roger Hawkins, bassist David Hood and pianist Barry Beckett), fiddler Vasser Clements and Nashville session drummer Kenneth Buttrey. The album was recorded at various big studios in Muscle Shoals, Nashville and Mount Juliet.

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