Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It (1969)

Billy Preston was an American singer-songwriter and keyboard player, best known for his talents on the Hammond organ.

Preston was a child prodigy, and had several instrumental albums released in the 60s, all showcasing his dazzling gospel organ skills. He also had the chance to work alongside Nat King Cole, Little Richard, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles. His first major role in the field of rock music was as keyboard player to the Beatles in their later days, appearing all over the albums Abbey Road and Let It Be. That’s The Way God Planned It was his first album on the Beatles’ Apple Records label, and also his vocal debut. It’s a brilliant fusion of rock, soul and gospel, driven by his funky organ and piano playing. Backing him are drummer Ginger Baker, and Keith Richards on bass. Guitar is provided by Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Harrison also produced the album. Despite such high-calibre band members, they never manage to steal the show from Preston himself. It features a few covers, but most of the songs are originals, and include the title track, one of his best-loved songs.

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