Lowell George - Thanks, I'll Eat It Here (1979)

Lowell George was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist, best known as a founding member of Little Feat.

Lowell George was born in Hollywood in 1945, and took up many different instruments as a child. By 1965 he was fronting an L.A.-based band called The Factory, which released one low profile single and were featured on TV more than once. In 1968 he was briefly a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention, before he left to form his own group. Little Feat were founded in 1969, with George as lead singer, songwriter and guitarist. Under his leadership they forged a truly unique sound, best exemplified on their 1973 magnum opus Dixie Chicken, which was also the first Little Feat album to be produced by George himself. However from 1974 onwards his position as leader began to be threatened by other members, and the band gradually began to move in a jazz-rock direction which he was not so enthusiastic about. He began working on a solo album in his spare time.
In 1979 he disbanded Little Feat and released his solo album. Thanks, I'll Eat It Here didn't showcase George as a songwriter much, as it contained a high number of cover songs, some of them rather surprising (including Ann Peeble's "Can't Stand The Rain" and Jimmy Webb's "Himmler's Ring"). Of the four originals, one of them was actually a re-recording of an old Little Feat track from Dixie Chicken. It did include a few very good standout tracks, most notably Allen Toussaint's "What Do You Want The Girl To Do".
He began a solo tour to support the album, but two weeks later collapsed and died of a heart attack. He was only 34.



Anonymous said...

Little Feat was one of the greatest rock groups of the early 70's. Lowell George was a pivotal figure in the band musical output.
This album is a huge disappointment.
Pity that the last recording of such a great musicians as Lowell George is a flop.

KDNYfm said...

Well it sure aint Feats Dont fail me Now, but Cant Stand the Rain was almost worth the price of this back in the day.
Thanx for sharing, it's been a long time since I listened to this!