John Martyn - Inside Out (1973)

John Martyn was a British singer-songwriter and guitarist.

1973 had seen John Martyn release his most successful record, the career-defining Solid Air. Just a few months later he followed it with Inside Out, an album which expanded on the jazzy elements of its predecessor and took took them to extremes. It focused more on his electric guitar work, using an Echoplex unit to create some truly strange and wonderful sounds, and his vocals became more slurred and difficult to decipher. Backing came from bassist Danny Thompson, percussionists Remi Kabaka and Kesh Sathie and sax man Bobby Keys - there were also appearences from Steve Winwood (keyboards) and Chris Wood (sax/flute) from Traffic.
It was a very experimental album, and for that reason destined to be less commercial and to many listeners harder work, though it remains a favourite to those fans who lean towards his more 'out there' work.

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