Judy Collins - Fifth Album (1965)

Judy Collins is an American singer-songwriter.

Judy Collins' 1964 live album had been dominated by the work of contemporary songwriters. Her appropriately-titled followed the same trend, with only two folk traditionals to be found among songs by Bob Dylan, Richard Fariña, Eric Andersen, Gordon Lightfoot, Phil Ochs, Malvina Reynolds, Gil Turner and Billy Edd Wheeler, making her a champion of the rising singer-songwriter movement. Backing musicians on the album included Richard Fariña (playing dulcimer on his own "Pack Up Your Sorrows"), guitarist Danny Kalb (who was soon to form The Blues Project), John Sebastian (on harmonica) and bassist Bill Lee.
The album turned out to be her last 'folk' album, at least in terms of overall sound and stylistic approach.

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