Arthur Alexander - The Dot Years (1962-1965)

Arthur Alexander was an American soul singer and songwriter.

Arthur Alexander was born in 1940 in Sheffield, Alabama, and raised up on blues, country and gospel music. By the early 60s he had developed into a distinctive R&B singer, and issued his first single as June Alexander on Judd Records in 1960, but it did not chart. His breakthrough came in 1962, when he recorded his self-penned “You Better Move On” with producer Rick Hall, using a studio Hall had put together in an old tobacco warehouse in the city of Muscle Shoals. The song was released on the Nashville-based Dot Records, and became a big hit, charting at #24 on the pop charts. Its success laid the foundations for Fame Studios, as Rick Hall used the money earned to build a bigger studio where he was to record many more hits over the years. As for Alexander, he recorded more singles for Dot, some of which were modest chart hits, plus a full length LP, but he never again matched the success of “You Better Move On”. His songs did become very popular in the UK, and were covered by groups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Hollies. He remained with Dot until 1965, when he moved to Monument Records. 
This compilation brings together thirty songs from his time with Dot, including nine singles with their b-sides, and all of the LP tracks. As well as “You Better Move On”, it features other classics such as “Soldier Of Love”, “Anna” and “Go Home Girl”, all of which have been extensively covered over the years. These songs all showcase his distinctively poignant, personal style of country-soul. The country elements of his sound are particularly notable on the covers of Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away” and Bobby Bare’s “Detroit City”, and a lighter pop/rock & roll side is revealed on covers of Dion’s “The Wanderer”, Bruce Channel’s “Hey! Baby” and Ricky Nelson’s “Young World”. However it is the originals where the true magic lies, and why the critical recognition and respect he has earned far outweighs his modest commercial successes.

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