Fred Neil - Other Side Of This Life (1971)

Fred Neil was an influential American singer-songwriter.

Fred Neil had been a major figure of the New York folk scene in the early 60s, and inspired many better-known artists. However his recorded output was very sparse. He released no albums at all in the late 60s as he faded into obscurity, retreating to Coconut Grove, Florida (where his one-time musical partner Vince Martin had also gone). His song "Everybody's Talkin'" became a massive hit for Harry Nillson in 1969, whose version won a Grammy after being featured in the film Midnight Cowboy. The song has since become a well-known standard, though most are not aware of its author. By the end of the 60s Neil had pretty much retired.
A final album did come out in 1971, compiled from live recordings and studio outtakes, so he may well have had no involvement with his release. The live half of Other Side Of This Life was recorded years back in New York, with Neil backed by second guitarist Monte Dunn. The studio half featured alternate takes of a few tunes, plus some surprise duets, one with jazz pianist Les McCann and one with country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons (the latter on a cover of William Bell's "You Don't Miss Your Water").
Neil was barely heard of again for the rest of his life. He reportedly returned to the studio in the 70s, but the recordings were never released, and he only occasionally performed in public. He died in 2001.

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