Hot Tuna - First Pull Up, Then Pull Down (1971)

Hot Tuna is an American blues-rock band.

In 1971, as Jefferson Airplane began a period of decline, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady dedicated more and more time to their Hot Tuna side project. It became an independent group and gigged apart from the Airplane. At this time they also went electric, and recruited two new members - drummer Sammy Piazza and electric violin player Papa John Creach. Their second album was another live one, different to their debut in that it was electric, and at the same time featuring a very similar style of folk-blues (with songs by Reverend Gary Davis, Bo Carter and Blind Blake). It also featured a guest appearance from harmonica player Will Scarlett. Like its predecessor it was a modest success, and got to #43 on the album chart. 
Hot Tuna were becoming really quite successful and attracting their own live following. The same year Kaukonen and Casady worked on the Jefferson Airplane album Bark, which Papa John also appeared on. One of Kaukonen's songs on Bark, "Third Week In The Chelsea", was musically in the same vein as Hot Tuna, and lyrically was about his thoughts on leaving the Airplane.

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Anonymous said...


invest 45 minutes of your time and listen to this LP!

I just did. What a return on investment!

Anonymous said...

Great album along with their 1st one.