Al Kooper - A Possible Projection Of The Future / Childhood's End (1972)

Al Kooper is an American singer-songwriter, producer and musician.

In 1972 Al Kooper returned to London to record for his next solo album. A Possible Projection Of The Future / Childhood's End came out later that same year, showcasing his usual r&b/rock blend. It was notable for featuring his first use of synthesizers, used extensively in place of the usual horns and string arrangements. The result was very effective, giving the album something of a cold, dark feel in places. He played all the keyboards and guitars himself, just backed by bassist Herbie Flowers and drummer Barry Morgan. Alongside some great original songs were covers of Smokey Robinson's "Swept For You Baby", Jimmy Cliff's "Please Tell Me Why", Curtis Mayfield's "The Monkey Time" (which had been a 1963 hit for Major Lance) and Bob Dylan's "The Man In Me" (originally from Dylan's New Morning album, which Kooper had co-produced).
One song ("Swept For You Baby") was not recorded in London, and was an outtake from his previous album.

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