The Radiants - The Singles (1962-1965)

The Radiants were an R&B vocal group active in the 1960s.

The Radiants were formed in Chicago in 1960, consisting of Maurice McAllister (lead), Charles Washington (tenor), Jerome Brooks (tenor), Wallace Sampson (baritone) and Elzie Butler (bass). They began singing gospel, but also on the side performed R&B songs written by McAllister. In 1962 Washington was replaced by Green 'Mac' McLauren, and that same year they went fully secular and got themselves signed to Chess Records. Their first single was the brilliant "Father Knows Best", which unfortunately didn't become a hit anywhere except in Cleveland. A string of equally good singles followed, none of which charted. McLauren was drafted in 1963, and was replaced by Frank McCollum.
However by 1964 they had pretty much broken up. Brooks, Butler and McCollum had all departed, and so McAllister and Sampson were joined by Leonard Caston Jr. and continued as a trio. In this format they finally found some success, scoring two R&B hits with 1964's "Voice Your Choice" (#16) and 1965's "Ain't No Big Thing" (#14). This success turned out to be brief. Caston left and was replaced by James Jameson for "Baby You've Got It", but then McAllister left. Without their leader this should have been the end of The Radiants, but Chess shoe-horned new members in to keep the name active until 1969 when they were dropped by the label. They officially broke up in 1972. Meanwhile McAllister had teamed up with Green McLauren as the duo Maurice & Mac.
This compilation groups together sixteen singles and b-sides from the McAllister years. Some really hot soul, featuring some true lost gems!


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