New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Home, Home On The Road (1974)

The New Riders Of The Purple Sage are an American country-rock band, with roots in the San Francisco psychedelic scene of the 60s.

The New Riders' fifth album was a live one. The songs included were a mix of numbers from their past albums, two great new songs, and three new covers - "Dead Flowers" (The Rolling Stones), "School Days" (Chuck Berry) and "Truck Drivin' Man" (Terry Fell). The album was produced by Jerry Garcia, and successfully showed what they were like in concert, with most songs played at an energetic pace.
It actually turned out to be their last album with bassist Dave Torbet, as that same year he left to form Kingfish. He was replaced by Skip Battin, who had most recently been a member of The Byrds.

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KDNYfm said...

Saw NRPS touring with Poco around the time (maybe a little later) this album was released.
What a great show that was!

Thanx for sharing this one...