New Riders Of The Purple Sage - The Adventures Of Panama Red (1973)

The New Riders Of The Purple Sage are an American country-rock band, with roots in the San Francisco psychedelic scene of the 60s.

The band's fourth album proved to be their most successful, taking them to #55 on the charts. Two of the songs, "Panama Red" and "Lonesome L.A. Cowboy", were by Peter Rowan, and despite being written by an outside songwriter they in many ways sum up the sound and imagery of the New Riders Of The Purple Sage, being their definitive 'psychedelic country' numbers. The lyrics of "Panama Red", depending on how they are viewed, can either be taken to be about a famous cowboy character or a particularly potent strain of cannabis ("The judge don't know when Red's in town / He keeps well hidden underground"). The song became the band's biggest radio hit. Peter Rowan himself later performed it with Old And In The Way, and repeatedly throughout his solo career.
The rest of the album consists of classic NRPS, from their classic lineup - John Dawson (rhythm guitar/vocals), David Nelson (lead guitar/vocals), Dave Torbert (bass/vocals), Buddy Cage (pedal steel) and Spencer Dryden (drums). Both Dawson and Torbet contributed strong original material, and the other songs also included "Kick In The Head" by Robert Hunter.

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