JJ Cale - #8 (1983)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

#8 was JJ Cale's third album in as many years. So how did this one differ from the seven that came before it? Overall the mood was perhaps a bit grittier than its predecessors, in a moody, brooding sort of way. Songs like "Unemployment" and "Hard Times" dealt with quite bleak subject matter, and the sounds throughout were a bit more hard-edged. However, having said that, in the end it was more standard JJ Cale - laid-back and groovy, deceptive in its simplicity.
The backing musicians included keyboard players Spooner Oldham and Glen D. Hardin, guitarists Steve Ripley and Richard Thompson, bassists Tim Drummond and Bob Moore, steel guitarist Weldon Myrick, and drummers Buddy Harmon, Jim Keltner and Karl Himmel. It was the fourth album to feature Christine Lakeland, who co-wrote the opening tune "Money Talks", on which she also shared the lead vocals with Cale.
Also featured a great cover of Paul Craft's "Teardrops In My Tequila", the most country-sounding tune Cale had put out to date.

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