JJ Cale - Grasshopper (1982)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

1982 saw JJ Cale release his seventh album, just a year after his last. Another collection of laid-back blues-rock-country-jazz hybrids, it was notable for having quite an upbeat sound. Some of the songs on Grasshopper were the closest Cale had come to commercial, radio-friendly rock, but the music in no way suffered from this, as it was only ever so subtle. Nevertheless, it's definitely among his most accessible albums (though of course was never heard by anyone except Cale's dedicated fanbase).
Backing musicians included drummers Kenny Buttrey, Karl Himmel and Jim Karstein, bassists Tom Cogbill and Nick Rather, guitarists Reggie Young, Steve Gibson and John Christopher, and keyboardists David Briggs and Bobby Emmons. Bill Boatman (who had previously played some guitar for Cale) played drums on four songs. Christine Lakeland contributed guitar, organ, percussion and vocals (and co-wrote two of the songs with Cale). One of the songs is a number written with fellow Okie Roger Tillison.
At least one of the songs on Grasshopper can be considered a classic JJ Cale tune - the solo acoustic "Drifter's Wife". The album was also notable for the two short instrumentals which close each side, "Grasshopper" and "Dr Jive", the first dominated by steel drums, and the latter by vibraphone.

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