Happy & Artie Traum - Double-Back (1971)

The brothers Happy and Artie Traum are/were both folk singer-songwriters and guitarists, who in the early 70s recorded together as a duo.

The second album from the Traum brothers, Double-Back was a continuation of their debut, with some first-class roots-rock, full of folk and country flavours. It was recorded both in Nashville and at Bearsville Studios (which was owned by their manager Albert Grossman). Without knowing who it was by, it could easily be mistaken for the work of one singer-songwriter, as the sound of the style of the two brothers mesh together so perfectly. Backing musicians include drummers Billy Mundi and Jerry Carrigan, steel guitarists Bill Keith and Weldon Myrick, bassist Tim Drummond, singer-songwriter Eric Kaz (on piano and harmonica) and slide guitarist Amos Garrett.

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