Happy & Artie Traum - Happy & Artie Traum (1970)

The brothers Happy and Artie Traum are/were both folk singer-songwriters and guitarists, who in the early 70s recorded together as a duo.

The Traum brothers grew up in New York City, and emerged as musicians as part of the American folk revival. They were active as part of the Greenwich Village folk scene throughout the 60s, but neither of them came to record albums until they got together as a duo in 1969, by which time folk-rock, country-rock and the singer-songwriter movement had all emerged. Their self-titled debut (recorded in Nashville) came out the next year on Capitol Records.
It's a truly remarkable album, a perfect folk/country/rock blend, musically complex and adventurous yet still retaining a rustic, rootsy vibe. Both brothers sing, play guitar, and contribute to the songwriting, and it's all tied together by some brilliant instrumental arrangements and masterful production. Backing musicians include fellow singer-songwriter Eric Kaz (harmonica, piano & organ), pedal steel guitarist Weldon Myrick and drummer Kenneth Buttrey, among many others. Most of the songs are originals, but it does include a brilliant cover of The Band's "Going Down The Road To See Bessie", which they wouldn't release themselves (as "Bessie Smith") until 1975's The Basement Tapes.
This album is a real gem, highly reccomended.

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Javiga4 said...

Cool. Never heard of them and you are right. It´s a gem. Awesome.

Thank you for sharing such good stuff.


ralph11 said...

Thank you. I have some LPs by the Traums and, I believe, a solo album or two (this would require some research to ascertain). Anyways, let me say kudos for your good work. I love the info provided with the posts.

geoffc said...

Many thanks for the 1975 album which I hadn't heard. It's a treat :)