The Youngbloods - Elephant Mountain (1969)

The Youngbloods were an American folk-rock group originally formed in the 60s by frontman Jesse Colin Young.

By the time of their third album, guitarist Jerry Corbitt had left the group, leaving them as a threesome - Jesse Colin Young (vocals/bass/guitar), Lowell Levinger (guitar/keyboards) and Joe Bauer (drums). Elephant Mountain (produced by Charlie Daniels) has come to be viewed as their best work, most notably featuring the dark folk-rock classic "Darkness, Darkness" (with violin from David Lindley of Kaleidoscope). Elsewhere the album had a diverse mix of folk, blues, jazz and rock. It included several instrumentals, many of which leaned towards a sophisticated jazz-rock fusion sound, with Lowell Levinger's wurlitzer electric piano particularly prominent (plus some vibraphone from British jazz musician Victor Feldman).
The album didn't do particularly well on the charts, despite its good critical reception. However the same year of its release saw their earlier recording of Dino Valenti's "Get Together" (from their debut album) being used in TV and radio adverts. It was subsequently re-released, and gave the band a top 5 hit.

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swamielmo said...

thanks for this one. i saw this group several times out at the Family Dog on the Great HIway. They were great.