Davy Graham - Large As Life And Twice As Natural (1968)

Davy Graham was a British guitarist, considered one of the most innovative and influential players of fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

Davy Graham's third Decca album was his most daring and complex to date. Alongside some dark, moody jazz-blues numbers were a series of intense modal ragas, plus a strange arrangement of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now", and a fantastic piece of English folk in "Bruton Town". The most extraordinary piece has got to be the solo arrangement "Tristano". Whether this was an off-the-cuff improvisation or a carefully planned composition is not clear, but it has got to rate as among Graham's most dazzling pieces of guitar playing.
The backing throughout came from acoustic bassist Danny Thompson and drummer Jon Hiseman, plus saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith and flautist Harold McNair on a few cuts. All very skilled musicians able to keep up with Graham's jazz-folk-world genre blending.

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