Little Feat - Time Loves A Hero (1977)

Little Feat are an American rock band originally formed in 1969 by Lowell George.
From 1974's Feats Don't Fail Me Now onwards, Little Feat had moved from being Lowell George's band to being a true democracy. Their sixth album, 1977's Time Loves A Hero, marked the point where he moved into the background, as the other band members (most notably guitarist Paul Barrere and keyboard player Bill Payne) came to dominate the songwriting and stylistic direction. The album moved further in the direction of jazz fusion, particularly notable on the instrumental track "Day At The Dog Races". George only contributed one song (plus another co-written by Barrere) - the truth was his health was declining, and there was increasing tension between him and Payne. It was also the first Little Feat album since Sailin' Shoes he did not produce. Nevertheless it was a successful album, and despite the growing tensions behind the scenes Little Feat were still going strong.

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