Little Feat - The Last Record Album (1975)

Little Feat are an American rock band originally formed in 1969 by Lowell George.

1973's Dixie Chicken and 1974's Feats Don't Fail Me Now had seen Little Feat finely craft for themsleves a distinctive funk-based rock sound, under the leadership of guitarist and vocalist Lowell George. For 1975's The Last Record Album, they continued with the same sound, but the dynamics of the band were clearly starting to change. Second guitarist Paul Barrere and keyboard player Bill Payne rose in prominence as songwriters, singers and artistic forces to rival George, whose own role as bandleader was lessened. With Barrere and Payne writing songs both by themselves and together, the jazz-fusion elements that been hinted at with Feats Don't Fail Me Now crept ever closer to the surface. The tight, groovy, funk-styled rock songs were still there, but they featured increasingly more complex grooves, which was clearly a natural progression from Feats Don't Fail Me Now. Though George's role was diminishing, he still did manage to contribute the splendid "Long Distance Love", and the band's sound wasn't yet suffering for this change in dynamics - it was just expanding and evolving.

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