Fairport Convention - Babbacombe Lee (1971)

Fairport Convention are a successful English band who are credited with inventing ‘electric folk’, a subgenre of folk rock based heavily on traditional English folk songs.

Babbacome Lee marked the first time in their history that Fairport Convention had ever recorded two albums in a row with the same lineup (then consisting of guitarist Simon Nicol, fiddle player Dave Swarbrick, bassist Dave Pegg and drummer Dave Mattacks). This time their distinctive English electric folk sound was used to create a rock opera (perhaps the first folk-rock opera), based on the story of Victorian murderer John 'Babbacombe' Lee, following his life from birth to gallows. Dave Swarbrick was the main creative force behind the project, showing how he had risen to become the most important member of the band. The album recieved considerable press interest at the time, but although critically acclaimed it failed to sell well. Shortly after its release Simon Nicol (the last remaining founding member of the group) left to join the Albion Band.

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