Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley (1966)

Tim Buckley was an American singer-songwriter.

Tim Buckley began his music career when he was still at school, after which he dropped out of college just two weeks in to dedicate himself to music full time, playing folk clubs in and around L.A. He was soon signed to Elektra records, and his debut album came out in 1966. Stylistically it can best be described as folk-rock, but with an element of sophistication quite interesting for its time. Buckley's distinctive high, keening vocals made him easily stand out from other artists in the genre. Backing him throughout was a talented band made up of Lee Underwood (lead guitar), Van Dyke Parks (piano/keyboards), Jim Fielder (bass) and Billy Mundi (drums/percussion). Much of the album had strings arranged by Jack Nitzsche. The songs were all originals, most co-written with lyricist Larry Beckett (an old school friend of Buckley's).
The album was strong, and showed much potential for the young singer-songwriter. Though his sound would expand and mature quickly over his next few records, Tim Buckley was definately a strong start, and a few of the songs in particular stand out as among his best still today.

|> Goodbye And Hello (1967)
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