Fairport Convention - Angel Delight (1971)

Fairport Convention are a successful English band who are credited with inventing ‘electric folk’, a subgenre of folk rock based heavily on traditional English folk songs.
After Full House, guitarist, songwriter and founding member Richard Thompson left the band for a solo career. This left them with the reduced lineup of Simon Nicol (guitar/vocals), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle/mandolin/vocals), Dave Pegg (bass/mandolin/vocals) and Dave Mattacks (drums). Nicol was the only member of the original lineup left. Whilst before Thompson had always been seen as the lead guitarist, now Nicol had to cover all the guitar duties, which he proved himself perfectly capable of doing. His role as a vocalist also increased. Swarbrick emerged to become the driving creative force of the band.
Angel Delight followed much the same formula as its predecessor - traditional english material, originals written in the same style, and instrumental medleys dominated by Swarbrick's fiddle playing. The 'Englishness' of the band's vocals and repetoire had by now made their sound far removed from where they had started back in 1967. Angel Delight proved to be their highest charting album, reaching #8 on the UK album charts.

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