The Faces - Long Player (1971)

The Faces were a British rock band active in the early 70s.

The Faces' second album came out in 1971, and saw them hone their distinctly British style of rock & roll further. It could be accused of being uneven - whilst their good-time, back-to-basics boozy rock was perfected on the standout track "Had Me A Real Good Time", it also proved to be their downfall on the rambling live recording of "I Feel So Good". Elsewhere though, Long Player presented a wider range of sounds than their somewhat rushed debut, with a bit more focus on their laid-back acoustic side. Guitarist Ronnie Wood got to play pedal steel on "Sweet Lady Mary", and also closed the album with an instrumental slide guitar reading of the stirring English hymn "Jerusalem". Also featured was a live cover of Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" (a studio version was released as a single ahead of the album). Whilst as a whole the album can't exactly be called perfect, it certainly does include some of the band's best material. It got to #31 on the UK album charts.

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