The Dillards - Live... Almost!!! (1964)

The Dillards were an American bluegrass group who in the mid-60s moved away from traditional music, becoming pioneers in the country-rock and 'progressive bluegrass' genres.

The Dillards' second album was a live one, though the repetoire and performance was in the same mould as their debut - traditional bluegrass music, featuring both folk songs and band originals. There is one notable cover song - "Walkin' Down The Line", an early Bob Dylan song which was unreleased by the man himself (they were probably the first to record this song). An important part of the band's early sound and character was their humour - they were still acting as the fictional family band The Darlings on The Andy Griffith Show at the time, and this live recording showcases this side of them well. Bassist Mitch Jayne talks and jokes extensively between songs, getting lots of laughs from the audience... though its probably fair to say that the humour hasn't exactly aged well, making Live... Almost!!! very much a product of its time.

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