Rick Roberts - Windmills (1972)

Rick Roberts is an American singer-songwriter, known for having been a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers and Firefall.
Rick Roberts (originally from Florida) first came to prominence when he joined The Flying Burrito Brothers in 1970, originally planned as a replacement for the departed frontman Gram Parsons. He was just twenty one at the time, and untested as a songwriter, but he struck up a friendship with bassist Chris Hillman, and ended up writing most of the material for the band's 1971 self-titled album (either by himself or in collaboration with Hillman). Under Hillman's leadership, the band toured extensively and became a tightly honed unit. Roberts proved himself not only a fine songwriter but an excellent singer. When Hillman left the band, Roberts was actually left in charge for a few more European tours, but the band eventually broke up in 1972.
His solo debut came out that same year, and it proved his worth as a singer-songwriter, in a mellow country-rock style. Backing him was a vast list of famous musician associates, including Hillman and fellow ex-Burritos Bernie Leadon and Al Perkins, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, fiddle player Byron Berline, drummer Dallas Taylor, percussionist Joe LaLa, plus Don Henley and Randy Meisner of The Eagles (Leadon was also an Eagle by this point).

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