Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills (1968)

Big Brother & The Holding Company are an American rock band which emerged from the psychedelic music scene of San Francisco in the 1960s.

After the modest success of their first album and their historic performance at the Monterey Pop Festival, Big Brother & The Holding Company moved to Columbia records and began recording their follow-up with producer John Simon. It was originally planned to be a live album, but in the end Cheap Thrills consisted of three live songs with four studio recordings. However it managed to have a consistent sound throughout, raw and ragged, as the studio songs effectively captured the live energy of the band.
Cheap Thrills was a much heavier album than their debut, a great blend of psychedelic rock, blues and soul, and most importantly the twin lead guitars of James Gurley and Sam Andrew really got to shine, proving them to be one of the greatest guitar duos of 60s rock. Janis Joplin's vocals were even better than before, cementing her place as rock's greatest female singer of the age. Alongside four band originals were covers of "Piece Of My Heart", "Summertime" and Big Mama Thornton's "Ball And Chain". "Piece Of My Heart" proved to be their biggest success on the singles chart, reaching #12. Cheap Thrils itself reached #1, becoming one of the most successful albums of 1968, and is today considered a key record of the psychedelic rock scene.
However shortly after its success, Janis Joplin left the group for a solo career, and they would struggle to follow it up.

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