Peter Green Splinter Group - The Robert Johnson Songbook (1998)

The Peter Green Splinter Group was a band led by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Green, active from 1997 to 2004.

Peter Green's second album with the Splinter Group was a complete return to his blues roots - a record entirely made up of Robert Johnson songs. By this time original members Cozy Powell (drums) and Spike Edney (keyboards) had left, to be replaced by Larry Tolfree and Roger Cotton respectively. Guitarist Nigel Watson and bassist Neil Murray remained from the original lineup to keep Green company.
The Robert Johnson Songbook was not just a return to the roots in its song selection, but also in its sound, which is mostly acoustic. It's pure blues, with no rock & roll. Many of the songs are solo performances by Green, or duets with Watson. Watson himself keeps up his role of second frontman, singing lead on several numbers. There is also a guest appearance from singer Paul Rodgers on "Sweet Home Chicago".
Even more so than the first album, with The Robert Johnson Songbook Peter Green was clearly not planning some great second coming of his 60s glory days - he was just back to play the blues music he loves with some good friends, and seen in that light the album has got to be a success.

Peter Green Splinter Group
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