Peter Green Splinter Group - Peter Green Splinter Group (1997)

The Peter Green Splinter Group was a band led by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Green, active from 1997 to 2004.

The Splinter Group was the second of Peter Green's comebacks - he had released several low-key albums in the late 70s / early 80s, before laying low again throughout most of the 80s and 90s. The rest of the band consisted of fellow guitarist Nigel Watson, keyboardist Spike Edney, bassist Neil Murray and drummer Cozy Powell (who had played with Jeff Beck, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath, among others). Nigel Watson had been associated with Green for a long time - he had worked with him on his first two solo singles in the early 70s, as well as sometimes appearing with Fleetwood Mac during Green's last days with them. In the Splinter Group he shared vocals, guitar and harmonica with Green - indeed the band name is a bit misleading, as it effectively has two frontmen. Though Green is obviously known as one of Britain's best blues guitarists for a reason, and Watson can't be accused of stealing the show from him, he is nevertheless a clearly talented guitarist and musician himself.
Their first album consisted mostly of blues covers (including several standards such as "Going Down" and "Travelling Riverside Blues", as well as the soul classic "Dark End Of The Street") - the first two tracks are studio acoustic duets from Green and Watson, and the rest are live concert recordings with the band. Anyone expecting a return of Green's 60s brilliance might be dissapointed, but nevertheless it is some seriously good blues. Green's vocals have weathered over the years brilliantly, and his guitar playing still has flashes of brilliance throughout worth listening out for. His years as a pioneering rock musician have long gone, and instead we should be content with having him come out of retirement to play some genuinely first class blues. It's nothing new, but that's not a crime, and he still manages to sound unique in such familiar and well-trod territory.

|> The Robert Johnson Songbook (1998)
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