Peter Rowan - The Walls Of Time (1982)

Peter Rowan is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, having worked in bluegrass, country and rock genres.

Whilst many of Peter Rowan's solo albums mix different bluegrass, folk and country-rock sounds, The Walls Of Time is is one of his all-bluegrass records, and seriously good bluegrass at that. It's really great, with fantastic vocals and assistance from a long list of backing musicians (including fiddler Richard Greene and dobro player Jerry Douglas). The songs are mostly traditional numbers, with a couple of Rowan originals (including the title track which he wrote with bluegrass originator Bill Monroe) and a great cover of Kris Kristofferson's "Casey's Last Ride". The one song that stands apart from the rest is the closing number, an ambitious and progressive 7-minute reading of the traditonal Irish folk ballad "Plains Of Waterloo", which features harpsichord alongside the bluegrass instrumentation.
A seriously overlooked album - highly reccomended!

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Anonymous said...

Rowan's rendition of "The Lone Pilgrim" is wonderful.
I agree that this is an overlooked masterpiece!
Thank you for this digital copy

Anonymous said...

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He was just another Bob dylan Wanna be... simply pathetic

I don't believe this person ever listened to Bob or Peter. If (s)he did, (s)he's got cloth ears.

This is a truly lovely LP with no connection with Dylan whatever - other than a reverence for great American - no, great music, period.