Dr John - The Sun, Moon & Herbs (1971)

Dr John (real name Mac Rebennack) is an American singer-songwriter and musician, best known as a pianist.

The Sun, Moon & Herbs was Dr John's last 'Night Tripper' album, but he made sure his witch-doctor persona went out on a high, arguably bettering the three albums that came before it. Most notably it benefited from some really fantastic production, sounding deeper and darker than ever before. His status as a cult musician had risen to the extent that the album featured numerous famous guests, with some guitar from one Eric Clapton. Other names that could be dredged up from deep within the smoky haze included Ronnie Barron, Graham Bond, Jim Price, Bobby Keys, Carl Radle, Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock and Fuzzy Samuels. Mick Jagger was also somewhere in the background. Though it did include some R&B numbers, most of The Sun, Moon & Herbs saw Dr John in full-power voodoo mode. The dark incantational power of his music was never more intoxicating and eerie than on "Craney Crow", "Pots On Fiyo" and "Zu Zu Mamou".
After this album Dr John retired his Night Tripper character and moved into traditional New Orleans R&B territory. But his voodoo stew never tasted so good as on this last exquisite outing!

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