Country Joe And The Fish - Electric Music For The Mind And Body (1967)

Country Joe and the Fish were an American psychedelic rock band.

The nucleus of Country Joe & The Fish were 'Country Joe' McDonald and Barry 'The Fish' Melton. The two of them originally got together as a folk duo performing protest music in opposition to the Vietnam war. They often added extra musicians to the lineup, and by the time they recorded their first full-length album in 1967 (having appeared on a few EPs already) they had become an electric rock group, with the lineup of Joe McDonald (lead vocals, guitar), Barry Melton (lead guitar), David Cohen (guitar, organ), Bruce Barthol (bass) and Gary Hirsh (drums).
Electric Music For The Mind And Body was one of the first psychedelic rock albums to come out of San Francisco. When compared to what their contemporaries were doing (Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, etc), the sound of Country Joe & The Fish was much more wide-ranging and experimental, and subsequently much less commercial. An electric stew of influences, with their folk roots occasionally showing through, its a truly hallucinogenic experience, with a loose, improvisational vibe. Melton's bluesy guitar and Cohen's thin, reedy organ gives it a unique, often eerie sound. Though it might have been lacking in hit singles, it more than made up for it with its daring, explorative take on psychedelia. It wasn't exactly a chart success, but it got alot of airplay on early FM radio, and is considered today a truly influential album.

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david said...

a truly classic album. no better example of the best of San Francisco music in it's heyday.
great site, by the way.

The Hounds Of Doom said...

Thanks! Well thought out site, cheers for all the reviews and music.

Anonymous said...

Great share a sensational album of 60's music



Anonymous said...

Seriously, one of the best albums and bands of all time. Psychedelia at its finest. Great! You can't get something like this anymore.