Dr John - Remedies (1970)

Dr John (real name Mac Rebennack) is an American singer-songwriter and musician, best known as a pianist.

Dr John's third album as The Night Tripper saw him change his style somewhat (or at least reveal sides of his character that had not been apparent on his first two albums). For the most part it toned down the black magic ritualism which dripped from its predecessors, and he brought in more R&B-based numbers. Though it opened with the menacing "Loop Garoo" and ended in the sprawling 17-minute ritual percussion of "Angola Anthem", found in between were three concise, horn-driven songs in the New Orleans R&B style, allowing him to showcase his dazzling piano skills (which had been overlooked on previous albums). The music throughout was still steeped in his witch doctor vibes, but whilst previously he had approached this dark mysticism with percussion-fuelled black magic chants, on Remedies he did it through horn-driven Mardi Gras celebration, resulting in something not nearly as dark and sinister. The Night Tripper was out of the swamps and onto the streets of New Orleans.

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