Sir Douglas Quintet - Together After Five (1970)

The Sir Douglas Quintet were a Texan rock band formed in the mid-60s by frontman Doug Sahm.

Together After Five was the second album from the most familiar lineup of the Sir Douglas Quintet - Doug Sahm (vocals/guitar/fiddle), Augie Meyers (organ), Frank Morin (percussion/sax/keyboards), Harvey Kagan (bass) and Johnny Perez (drums). It very much followed in the footsteps of Mendocino with its rootsy Tex-Mex styled garage rock, and though it wasn't as successful on the charts, it's arguably just as good. In fact "Revolutionary Ways" had all the makings of another signature hit, if only it had been released as a single.

Mendocino (1969) <|> 1+1+1=4 (1970)
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