Sir Douglas Quintet - 1+1+1=4 (1970)

The Sir Douglas Quintet were a Texan rock band formed in the mid-60s by frontman Doug Sahm.

Their fifth album featured a much less rigid band lineup than previously (despite what the cover may suggest). Various members were off doing different things, and so 1+1+1=4 features assorted combinations of both the Texan and Californian lineups, plus lots of session musicians (including drummer Kenny Buttrey, pedal steel guitarist Pete Drake and pianist Pig Robbins). The band was maybe disintegrating, but Doug Sahm was still at the fore, and his distinctive vocals are what tie the album together. Stylistically it explored their familiar roots music palette, featuring moments of rock, blues, jazz and country, all with the delightfully rough and unpolished sound the Quintet had made themselves known for.

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